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Writing Resources

These are some of the websites and pages I use or visit often when writing.


Between longer works, short stories, articles, and interviews, I have a lot of ideas to keep track of. I made a publicly available copy of the spreadsheet with some notes and examples if that is something that might help someone else. To use it, go to File and either download it or make a copy.

ADHD can make it difficult to stay on task, but I've found this subscription site helpful because it gamifies the writing process. You defeat monsters by writing so many words in a specified amount of time. If you want to sign up, and support me at the same time, you can use my referral code (GQUTQ36133) which helps me buy more subscription time.

I write my first and second drafts using 4TheWords. (It works for me, but 1st and second drafts are like speed runs.)

Word Choice

I'm white as rice, so when it comes to describing skin tones outside the light beige, I defer to writers of color's knowledge on that. 

Diverse bodies exist. Here are some words you can use to describe them.

With certain characters naming them requires deep research into name origins, but sometimes, a character is just important enough to be named but not so central to the story that you want to spend hours trying to pick the perfect one. (It also works out great for D&D.)

You should be VERY careful dipping into any culture you're unfamiliar with. Part of paying them the proper respect is getting their names right.

Visual Aids

If a significant portion of the story is going to be in a building of any sort, sometimes it really helps to have a floor plan. Some people can hold that in their heads, some can draw. I can do neither. You can build it up and even take a "walk-through" at character level.

In some stories, just saying someone's height works. In other stories, it doesn't. Comparisons can help, and I find this especially useful for clarifying height changes that happen when someone straps on a pair of heels.

Sometimes it helps to be able to see a 360° layout of how a number of bodies are... laid out. Why struggle to write the why choose orgy when you can pose a bunch of digital manikins. (SIDE NOTE: I use the free version, but it is... odd that "stocky" characters are free, but skinny is considered a premium worthy of being put behind a paywall.)


Dyslexia and ADHD make my writing life hard. I made a checklist of all the steps I take to make sure that before it even sees another editor, it's at least decipherable.

It's a small thing, but easy to overlook if you're not careful. It will automatically handle the capitalization for you, depending on the style you choose.

Adverbs are perfectly fine if used in moderation, but for me, the more relevant information is pointing out overly complex sentences.

Catches some errors that other spelling and grammar checks don't.

This text to speech Chrome extension reads my writing back to me. It really helps me catch a lot of errors or repetitiveness.

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