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A Friend in Need


Ty has been depressed so long he's forgotten what it's like to feel things, including desire. He gets back into therapy and tries a new medication, but it doesn't seem to work. Then his best friend Trish asks him to pose nude for her figure drawing assignment, and his libido takes that moment to return.

Things get even more complicated when their mutual friend, Kat, gets involved.

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A Hotwife Christmas Carol

Ultimate Hotwife Christmas

Kayla doesn't like Christmas. For Christmas Eve, in an attempt to take her mind off things and give her the desires she's been playing off as just dirty talk fantasies, her husband, Jude, sets her up with three trysts: an old flame, a recent crush, and a man who can keep her company during his late nights.


My Hookup and Mixup @ the Con

Kendra wanted to meet up with someone at the con, break her sexual dry spell, and blow off some steam. But then, her intended paramour wished to play out an instant hookup fantasy. Kendra, ever the people-pleaser, devised a plan—cosplay as the Silver Age incarnations of a couple of B-List superheroes. It's not like anyone else would be dressing up as them, right?

Hotwife Catches Up.jpg

Hotwife Catches Up

Ultimate Hotwife Vacation

 Nia was told that good girls wait until marriage. When she sees what her now husband's numerous sexual experiences have taught him, she wants to learn more. So they make a deal; she gets to play catch up, trying to match his number of sexual partners during their honeymoon.

Trick or Tease

A Sexy Halloween Collection

The real draw of Halloween is dressing up and feeding into your carnal desires for what goes bump in the night or under the covers of your bed.

Maybe you like things more exotic and paranormal or darker, like demons and witches. Whatever your fancy, we have assembled a collection of 15 steamy erotic stories to keep you warm on those cold autumn nights from your favorite erotica authors.


If These Walls Could Talk

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This collection of six short stories invites you to take a peek into the windows of the Marlborough Building, where residents lead lives full of passion, lust, jealousy, desire, and love.

Lockdown and Dirty

In this steamy and sweet erotic romance, roommates Leah and Andy are stuck together during the COVID lockdown.
The pair got along great before, so a bit more quality time shouldn't be too bad. They're both trying to observe social distancing when they have to go out, but the apartment complex's shared laundry facility makes that difficult.

After a little inspiration from some naughty neighbors, Leah suggests an unorthodox method to lighten the load: nudism. But it's just about avoiding doing the laundry, right?

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